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The Indignant Generation is the first narrative history of the neglected but essential period of African American literature between the Harlem Renaissance and the civil rights era. The years between these two indispensable epochs saw the communal rise of Richard Wright, Gwendolyn Brooks, Ralph Ellison, Lorraine Hansberry, James Baldwin, and many other influential black writers. While these individuals have been duly celebrated, little attention has been paid to the political and artistic milieu in which they produced their greatest works. With this commanding study, Lawrence Jackson recalls the lost history of a crucial era.

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112 year 111 day-old 
African American man —the 16th oldest living person in the world,and the oldest living man in the USA.The oldest living World War I combat veteran —he earned the Victory Medal,the Occupational Medal,as well as the Legion of Honor —France’s highest honor given to surviving members of U.S. Armed Forces who fought on French soil during World War I.He returned home to farming,married, had seven children,and served as the superintendent of his Sunday School class for 75 years.He never smoked or drank alcohol;and he takes no medicine, not even aspirin.He drove until the age of 106,when his children decided to hide his car keys from him.
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